My name is Travis Albaugh and I am 4th generation farmer. Our family milked dairy cows for 56 plus years raising black Angus beef cattle in the mid 90s..

A few years ago I bought an AKC English lab from a local family and fell in love with her disposion and loyalty. Zoey is a great house dog and I saw a lot of potential in her. Her dam and sire were bred for service and therapy dogs.

A couple years later I purchased a second AKC female showdog Belle. She has over a hundred show points on the eastcoast competition circut.. I bred both dams to AKC sires with excellent credentials. The puppies are handled and socialized at an early age. We take the health of our dogs very seriously.

We work closely with our top notch veterinarian to maintain optimal health. Their hips and knees are certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for animals. (OFA). When making the decision to purchase your lab we feel confident that our dogs are the perfect choice for you and your family.